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Attacks on masculinity have become commonplace in our culture. The term “toxic masculinity” has found a foothold in common vernacular as well as in academic, political and social discourse.

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Take a look at this picture and read it to yourself out loud.

While you might’ve struggled a bit, you probably found a rhythm and were able to correctly say about 90% of the words on the first go around. How does that work when all of them were pretty horribly misspelled?

It’s not that much of the mystery when you realize you got a big hand up from your brain. Your brain is always trying to make order out of chaos when it observes things, and that’s why you were able to “fill in” the rest of the words. Even though only the first and last letter were spelled correctly.

Your eye and your brain take in about seven quadrillion bits(real number) of information a second, and it has to have a way of processing and categorizing all this information. If you didn’t, you might end up in the back corner of the room trying to lick your own elbow.

There are three things to understand when you’re observing with your naked eye or optics that can really enhance your observation.

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