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Our mission is to provide the most practical and effective training based on real world experience in the law enforcement, military and civilian world.

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Carbine Courses

We offer Carbine Courses that are designed for every experience level from professional law enforcement and military personnel to the beginner.

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Sniper Courses

Our Sniper Courses cover a brief history of snipers, sniper rifles, the use of optics, target ranging, wind calling, camouflage, and sniper equipment selection.

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Pistol Courses

Every Pistol Class instructed at Sierra Element starts with the proper mindset, and the class concentrates on the 7 elements of marksmanship, balancing speed, and accuracy.

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Shotgun Course

The Advanced Shotgun course is designed to give the shooter a set of advanced shotgun fundamentals. The class concentrates on safety, the 7 elements of marksmanship and balancing speed and accuracy.

Urban EscapeSm

Urban Escape & Evasion.

Traveling overseas? How do you survive an unlawful detention? How do you locate safety? This course trains you to think on your feet and survive in an austere environment.

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Tactical Tracking

Our Tactical Tracking Courses start with the proper mindset and focus on the core fundamentals of tracking and how to track while in a team.


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Veteran Owned Company


Sierra Element is a Veteran Owned Company.

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