Street Survival CCW/Care Under Fire Pistol Course ($250)

The Street Survival Concealed Carry Techniques Course is designed to give the shooter a set of solid handgun fundamentals. Every class instructed at Sierra Element starts with the proper mindset. The class concentrates on safety, the 7 elements of marksmanship and balancing speed and accuracy. We cover the skills necessary to access and effectively deploy a concealed handgun. This course is perfect for CCW holders, plain clothes law enforcement officers, or anyone interested in learning a new skill set.

 Subjects covered but not limited to:

• Shooting on the move vs. closing width
• Shooting from cover 
• Strikes 
• Malfunction drills
• Drawing from the concealed carry
• Timed drills
• Deploying a pistol from a concealed carry while inside a vehicle
• Multi-Threat engagements
• Scenario shooting drills
• Reactive shooting drills

Equipment needed:
• Pistol at least 9mm in caliber
• Magazine pouch
• Two magazines (min)
• Nylon or leather belt that fits through your pants belt loop
• Eye and ear protection
• Pistol cleaning gear/lube
• 300 rounds of factory ammunition
• Baseball hat or boonie style cover
• Water, snacks
• BDU style pants (NO shorts please)


**** There is a $25 range fee separate from Sierra Element's course fee.   The $25 fee will be collected at the beginning of the class and paid directly to the range. CASH ONLY PLEASE****

Event Properties

Event Date 04-08-2017 8:30 am
Event End Date 04-08-2017 3:30 pm
Capacity 20
Available place 12
Individual Price $250.00
Location Prado Olympic Shooting Park

We are no longer accepting registration for this event